Places to visit

Parks and squares

Torrevieja is a green city, not only for its protected natural areas. There you will find a lot of parks and squares where you can relax and walk. The most emblematic of them is the Constitución Square, which allocates the Torrevieja’s Townhall and the Inmaculada Concepción Church.

The Oriente Square, recently remodeled, is another square that you can’t, among many, avoid to visit. About the urban parks, it highlights the Naciones Park, and Doña Sinforosa Park, two big spaces dedicated to the young and senior’s enjoyment. It’s a mandatory turistic visit.



Have a walk in Torrevieja is a pleasure. It’s more than 14 kilometers of coast are splited in numerous promenades, all of them perfectly acconditioned to your free time enjoyment and the sweet sea breeze.

From the north to the south we can find the La Mata Stroll, Los Locos Beach Stroll, El Cura Beach Stroll, Juan Aparicio Promenade, Dique de Levante Stroll, Libertad Stroll, Vista Alegre Stroll, Juan Bautista Buades Stroll, Náufragos Beach Stroll and Punta Prima Stroll, located in the meridional city limits

If you like relaxed tours, you will love our beaches.

To do with kids


If you are looking for enjoyment for the kids, here you have some suggestions. Torrevieja has a lot of squares and parks for kids. A good example is the Naciones Park, an area where the kids will can walk around a little lagoon and find a lot of animal species like ducks, gooses or swans. The Sinforosa Park is another green area perfect for kids, with animals and trails to walk and play surrounded by beautiful and tranquil gardens. La Mat Natural Park has an excellent area to snak in wild nature!

Furthermore, remember that the shopping malls in the city have with different activities for kids like bowling, cinema or videogames. Another good option to walk is the center of the city and its seafront, there you will find a lot of ice cream shops and bakeries, even a funfair with a lot of attractions. And all this without forgetting the chance to have an unforgettable day in the aquatic park in the city, depending on the time of the year, for sure.